About Hynam Travel

About Hynam Travel – Unique Local Experiences 

Hynam Travel is a top class tour provider offering tailor made services for visitors to Vietnam. At Hynam we are proud of our brand and services – which we promote with passion – in order to create a trip of a lifetime to Vietnam for our clients.

Hynam Travel offers are the product of our talented and knowledgeable local teams, who offer tours and itineraries that are both flexible and good value. Add to this the detailed experience of our certified tour guides and our connections across all levels of Vietnamese society, you can be sure of a trip that is not only safe and well organized, but also interesting and exhilarating. Our passion for what we do shines through in every tour!

Of course, our main aim is to ensure your visit to Vietnam is a trip of a lifetime – with a focus on the authentic values of traveling and off the beaten path experiences.

Our core values

As a first class professional team specializing in the organization of Vietnam tours, our esteemed clients can be comfortable in the knowledge that our values are deeply rooted in our service.

Our principal aim is to be at the forefront of the Vietnamese tourism industry in terms of the value we offer our customers

Whilst we do not aim to be the most luxurious or cheapest tour provider, we do aim to offer the best value possible for our clients. With our reputation and contacts you can be sure we are accessing the best deals, in turn ensuring our customers get the most out of their tour at the most economical price.

Our responsible travel policies

We are committed to ensuring that all our tours are environmentally responsible. We are keen to hire only local staff, use and support small and independent businesses and promote local communities in order to remain true to our sustainable tourism policies.

Our focus on Authentic Experiences

No matter what your choice of tour, whether it is a package tour, a trip picked from our brochure or a customized itinerary, you can be sure you will find lots of surprises that make the tour your own. You will relish the chance to meet local people, try traditional food and learn more about local culture. You are guaranteed to have an enriched experience as a result!

Our team’s qualities

Our experienced and dedicated teams are the best in the industry! Their impeccable English skills, professional approach, detailed knowledge and enthusiasm for their job apply across the board – whether it be our sales administrators or our top management.

Destination Experts

With ove r10 years experience under our belts and over half a million journeys completed, Hynam Travel Vietnam is at the fore front of the industry. We not only have an intimate understanding of all out trips and locations, but also the demands of the modern travel. You can be sure you are in safe hands with Ume!

Our Inspiration

A shared love of travel and authentic Vietnam drives our ethos. We are keen to impart our knowledge, experiences and passion for this beautiful part of the world, and are dedicated to showcasing the best of Vietnam stunning scenery and interesting cultural past and present.

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