Battambang Travel Guide : Everthing you need to know about traveling Battambang, Cambodia

Battambang Travel Guide

Ultimate travel guide of Batttambang, Cambodia

This is a detailed Battambang Travel Guide by Hynam Travel with latest updated in 2022 which help you plan a trip to Battambang cheaper, better and longer with latest up to date information

Battambang is located in northwestern Cambodia. It is the second-largest city in this country and the heart of the same-named province. You can come to Battambang in only 3 hours from Siem Reap and in twice as long as Phnom Penh. Battambang is like no other city in Cambodia.

It owes the uniqueness to the nearby ancient temples, rich local history, and wonderful unspoiled nature.  This is not the place for exciting nightlife or bustle and hustle of the urban centers. It offers instead the relaxation and fun you have not yet experienced. This city and the area around it promise to enchant you. Are you ready to join us on a bamboo train ride? Jump in, this is just the beginning!

Is Battambang worth a visit?

In my opinion, the answer is 100% YES. This city is so different from two major tourist cities : Siem Reap and Phnompenh. The city has a lot to be offered from historical sites, fun outdoor activities: bamboo train ride, kayaking and so on to awesome street foods and great French architecture design

Battambang Facts

It’s good to know about a new destination before visiting. Here is some key facts of Battambang, Cambodia:

  • The population of Battambang 2020 is 1,015,000.
  • Battambang province covers an area of 11,702km² / 4518 square miles.
  • Battambang is located 77 km/ 48 miles from Siem Reap.
  • And 293 km / 40 miles from Siem Reap, the capital of Cambodia.
  • Postal code is 02200
  • The highest temperature recorded in Battambang is 35,5C (96 °F).
  • Time zone is GMT+7
  • Battambang province were established in 1907.


This is a list of top things to do in Battambang

TukTuk Tours in and around Battambang

Things to do in Battambang

Tuk Tuk Tours with Bun Nang is one of the top things to do in Battamgbang

Most of the city attractions are located far from the center. You can hire the tuk-tuk service to explore the city, and the driver may be your guide. You can choose between two options:

  • Half a Day Tour for the rate from 12 to 15 USD or
  • The Whole Day Tour for the rate from 20 to 25 USD for the single traveler.

Traveling in a group lowers the rate, and it is always a good choice. You can also search Trip Advisor for the English speaking driver. The majority of tuk-tuk tours are simple sightseeing combined with the local attractions and highlights, such as Bamboo train ride,

Ek Phnom temple, Bat Cave, Killing Cave, rice paper making, alcohol workshop, tobacco making, etc. The entrance fee for the Ek Phnom temple is 2 USD per ticket. If you have planned some other unique experience in advance, you can arrange it with the driver.

We can highly recommend calling Battambang Tours by Bun that is specialized in off the beaten path experiences and customized tours. We have an excellent experience with Bun, the great tuk-tuk driver and guide in Battambang. He is of utmost friendly, hardworking, open-minded, and not less important, he speaks very good English.

Mobile: (+855) 786 461 62

Website: Battambang Tours by Bun

Facebook: Bun Nang 

Paddling with Green Orange Kayak

Green orange kayak

Fun kayaking on Sangre river, a fun thing to do in Battambang

Offering an amazing 2 hours kayaking journey along Sangre River. You will experience firsthand the rustic beauty, and local living all the way along the river. Do not worry about the equipment! You will be provided with a waterproof bag, life vest, maps, water bottle, and kayak. After you finish the trip, drop off the equipment at your hotel.

Price: 12 USD per person plus 5 USD extra for the student guide.

Taking a fun Bamboo Train

Bamboo train ride is a top thing to do in Battambang

Bamboo Train is a must-do in Battambang, and you do not want to miss it. It used to serve as the transportation of people to local villages but now its main purpose is to offer a fun ride to travelers.  The round trip lasts 45 minutes, and it has one stopover for buying some souvenirs and taking a look at the brick factory. In the case of encountering another train, one has to be moved off the track. It is a hard work for the driver, and he deserves his tip.

Prices: 10 USD for the single traveler; 5 USD per person for groups, and 1 USD for the driver’s tip at the end of the route.


Explore the well-known Killing Cave and Bat Cave (Phnom Sampeou) – Battambang

Bat Cave Battambang

Checking out the Killing cave and Bat cave is a must things to do in Battambang

The mountain Phnom Sampeou is located around 11 kilometers or 45 minutes of the tuk-tuk ride from the city. If you will, you can take a walk to reach the top of the mountain or you can hire a motorbike taxi.

The round trip costs 3 USD. During this trip, you will see the historic spot from the time of the Khmer Rouge regime – killing caves, where over 3000 people were killed and thrown into the cave. Since there is no sign, you better go with the tuk-tuk driver who will also be your guide. You will notice the shire that honors the people who lost their lives. At any cost, do not walk down the cave. Steps are steep and it is easy to fall down the cave.

As you keep walking up to the top of the mountain, you will be able to take breathtaking photos of the lush green forest. The Buddhist temple is a wonderful structure on the top. From here, you can enjoy the awesome panorama view of Battambang. The local monk raises a monkey, and you will see this lovely creature too.

The next stop on this trip is the Bat Cave at the foot of the mountain. It lasts around 10 minutes to walk down there. Bats usually leave the cave in a steady stream and fly out for the hunt at 17:00. This is an amazing happening to see, and it takes around 40 minutes for all the bats to leave the cave. Nobody knows the exact number of bats but it is estimated between tens of thousands and one million. After they have left, they are still visible in various formations from the main road.

Entrance Fee: 3 USD per ticket

Round trip with motorbike: 3 USD

Pay a visit to Wat Banan

Wat Banan temple

Wat Banan is an Angkor temple overlooking Sanga river

Wat Banan is a temple in the Angkor style that is located about 22 kilometers south of Battambang. It is also called Mini-Angkor Wat, and it is still in use as a Buddhist shrine although a bit dilapidated. You can reach the temple by the impressive stairs.

The temple originates from the 11th century like Ek Phnom. The position on the top of the hill enables an exquisite view of the Sangar River. Prepare yourself to climb 358 steps to the top. You will see five remaining towers there.

To get down the hill, follow the trail on the south side. Bat cave with skylight ceiling makes this place more popular. Locals are coming here on a picnic or to pray for good health, safety and happiness for themselves and their beloved ones.

Note: Hiking up to the top, you will meet children asking you to give something to them or simply for some money.

Learn about Ek Phnom Temple

Ek Phnom Temple was built in the 11th century, and since then it partially collapsed. It is about 45 minutes from the center of Battambang. The amazing drive to the temple will introduce you to the Cambodian countryside. The temple itself is not the masterpiece but the lintel carries the scene from Hindu mythology – The Churning Sea of Milk. A very large statue of white Buddha is placed near this pagoda.

Entrance Fee: 1 USD

Ek Phnom Temple

Ek Phnom Temple – 1000 years old Hindu temple in Battambang

Visit Mrs. Bun Ancient House

Mrs. Bun Ancient House

Mrs. Bun Ancient House: Over 100 years old house in Batttambang

Mrs. Bun Ancient House is a very interesting place for travelers. Family members will be pleased to show you the property if you are coming alone. Details about the family history, furniture, and another procession are here preserved.

The house was originally built in 1920 by Mr. Bun and his wife. Today, Mrs. Yin belongs to the third generation of owners. During the Khmer Rouge regime, this family lost 100 members for the reason of their education and upper-class status. Only 10 members of the family survived. There is no entrance fee but visitors are kindly asked for a donation.

Checking out Crocodile Farm

Battambang Crocodiles farm

Crocodiles farm is a cool thing to visit in Battambang

Just a few kilometers to the north of Battambang, along with the river’s west bank, you will find the home to hundreds of crocodiles. The best time for a visit is early in the morning. They are at their liveliest during feeding. If you want, you can hold a crocodile that is only a month or so old.

Price: 1 USD if you cycle and 2 USD by tuk-tuk.

Unusual things to do in Battambang

  • Killing Caves of Phnom Sampeau 
  • Well of Shadows 
  • Pepsi Bottling Plant 


Travel by bus seems like the best way to get to Battambang

 Siem Reap to Battambang by bus 

The distance between Siem Reap and Battambang is 155 km, and it takes 3 and half hours by bus with 45 seats to get to Battambang. The minivan is a bit faster and it takes 3 hours. You can choose between two reliable companies that offer transportation service to Battambang and one that provides travel by boat. You can also use alternative transport, such as a taxi.

  1. Mekong Express

Ticket Office in Battambang

Address: #323 St. 3 Mohatep Village, SvayPor Commune, Battambang District, Battambang Province

Phone: (+855) 88 576 7668; (+855) 69 88 59 59

Ticket Office in Siem Reap

Address: #14, Siwathast., Phum Mundul 1, Khum Svay Dang Kum, Siem Reap Province

Phone: (+855) 63 963 662; (+855) 12 31 58 58

The cost for the bus is 6 USD, and for the minivan is 7 USD




Departure Time

Siem Reap


08:00; 14:00


Siem Reap

08:00; 14:00


  1. Capitol Tours

Ticket Office in Battambang

Address: #739, La Ae Street, next to the BoengChhouk Market

Phone: +(855) 53 953 040; (+855) 92 277 561; (+855) 11 600 953

Website: Capitol Tours 

Ticket Office in Siem Reap

Address: Street #10 & #09, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia 17252 (Opposite to National Bank of Cambodia)

Phone Mr. Meng: (+855) 12 830 170

Phone office: (+855) 63 968 268

The bus ticket costs 5 USD for both, the Cambodian and foreign travelers.

Note: You are kindly asked to be at Capital Tours office at least half an hour before the departure time.




Departure Time

Siem Reap


07:30; 08:30; 09:30; 12:30; 13:30


Siem Reap

07:45; 09:45; 13:00


The minivan ticket costs 7 USD.




Departure Time

Siem Reap




Siem Reap



  1. Angkor Express Boat

If you prefer to experience travel by boat you should know that, according to the schedule, the boat takes 6 hours to get to Battambang. In reality, it takes often 5 to 10 hours to reach the final destination, especially during the dry season from February to April.

We recommend you take a boat in September and October. During the rainy season, you will see many other boats on the river. If you want, you can go to the roof and lay down nut beware sunburns, almost unbearable heat and engine noise.  Near Siem Reap is the Tonle Sap Lake where you will see the stunning scenery of a lot of floating villages and communities. 

Note: Seats are not comfortable. The benches are made of hardwood, and there is not enough room to stretch the legs or lay down.

The single ticket costs 25 USD.

Address: Taphul Rd, Krong Siem Reap, Cam-pu-chia

Phone: (+855) 11 881 224




Departure Time

Siem Reap




Siem Reap



Siem Reap to Battambang by Taxi or Private Car Ride

This kind of service costs more but you can take advantage of taxi sharing to pay the lower price of only 7 USD. We recommend you to bargain before hopping in. At the hotel or in the travel agency you can also book a private car ride for 40 to 50 USD.

Phnom Penh to Battambang by bus

The bus drive from Phnom Penh to Battambang takes around 5 hours. If you are in transit and you intend to catch another bus from/to Phnom Penh keep in mind that you should come 1 to 2 hours earlier

Traffic jam sometimes happens in Phnom Penh. Several companies offer bus services from/to Battambang such as Capitol Tour, Mekong Express, Thero Express, KSO, Golden Bayon Express, Soryan Transport, Rith Mony Transport, and TSS-Transport. According to clients’ feedbacks and reviews, we only recommend the first tree from this list.

  1. Capitol Tours

Ticket Office in Phnom Penh:

Address: #14AE0, Road 182, Sangkat Beng Prolitt Khann 7 MAKARA Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia

Phone: (+855) 23 724 104

Mobile: (+855) 12 404 650

The bus ticket costs 6 USD for both, the Cambodian and foreign travelers.

Note: For the Ticket Office in Battambang, please see the top of the article.




Departure Time

Phnom Penh


06:45; 7:00; 08:00; 09:00; 10:30; 11:30; 12:30; 13.00; 14:15; 14:45; 16:00; 17:30


Phnom Penh

06:30; 07:00; 07:30; 8:00; 08:30; 09:10; 11:00; 12:00; 01:00; 01:30; 02:30; 17:30 (Sun only for 17:30)


The single ticket for the minivan costs 8 USD.




Departure Time

Phnom Penh


7:30am ; 8:30am ; 10:30am ; 14:00pm


Phnom Penh

7:00am ; 9:00am; 12:00pm; 14:00pm


Capitol Tours company also organizes the bus drive from Battambang to Bangkok. You will change the bus at Poi Pet border. The ticket costs 13 USD, and departure times are at 07:45 and 12:00 (noon).  

Khao San Travel Mart organizes the bus drive from Bangkok to Battambang. The bus has a capacity of 45 seats, the drive takes 8 hours, and the ticket costs 32 USD. Departure time from Bangkok is at 8:00 and 9:00.

For online reservation, please visit here

  1. Mekong Express

Ticket Office in Phnom Penh

Address: #2020, No Road 5, S.K Toul Sangke, Khan Russey Keo, Phnom Penh

Phone: (+855) 12 78 78 39

(+855) 98 833 399

(+855) 23 426 425


Note: For the Ticket Office in Battambang, please see the top of the article.

The minivan single ticket costs 12 USD



Departure Time

Phnom Penh


07:30; 08:30,14:30, 15:30


Phnom Penh

07:30; 08:30; 14:30; 17:30



  1. Thero Express

Ticket Office in Phnom Penh

Address: #59 E0z, St. 51, Khan Doun Penh, Phnom Penh

Phone:‎‎ (+855) 15 499 234; ‎(+855) 12 942 234; ‎(+855) 16 574 243; ‎(+855) 83 555 690


Ticket Office in Battambang

Address: #97, Street 3, 20 Ousakphea, Svaypor (100m from Chhaya Hotel), Battambang

Phone:‎ (+855) 15 421 578, ‎(+855) 17 478 385, ‎(+855) 83 555 692

The single ticket costs 9 USD.




Phnom Penh


08:00, 14:30


Phnom Penh

08:00, 14:30


The cost of the shared taxi is around 10 to 15 USD. We advise you to take the taxi on the bus station exclusively.

The distance between Bangkok and Phnom Penh is 284 kilometers. The drive lasts around 8 hours.


Here is our list of the best choices for accommodation in Battambang based on your budget. You can easily book it on or Agoda or see more reviews on Trip Advisor 

Budget Accommodation in Battambang

Ganesha Family Guest House

This is a family guest house that awaits you in the heart of the town. It offers private and dorm rooms. It has a restaurant, bar and other entertainment facilities, such as play poll, kicker table football, darts and more. The owner is very kind, and he will take good care of you during your stay in Battambang. A dorm room starts at 4,5 USD per person/per night, while private room (2 persons) costs 20 USD.

Be Here – Dragon Hostel

This hostel is located over the river, only about 10 minutes of scenic walk. You can choose your own dorm bed for 6 USD per night. It is a place for eating, drinking, lazing, listening to music, sharing stories, playing games or planning adventures. It is an experiment of living in a multifarious community as well. Friends matter here, those you came with, and the new you will meet.

Hotels in Battambang

If you are planning to stay at the hotel, here is our recommendation. You can find on our list what best suits you. You can book them on or Agoda easily and read more reviews 

Royal Hotel

This hotel is considered as the oldest one in Battambang, and the dated interior testifies in favor of this claim. The prices are very affordable, and the lowest price starts at 4 USD.

King Fy Hotel

Battambang’s King Fy Hotel offers quality accommodation for the given price. The lobby is carved in wood, and it shows of the Asian richness. This hotel acquires great reviews for its friendly staff and spotless rooms. The price for the room starts at 25 USD.

Classy Hotel

The name Classy completely suits to this accommodation. It scores only high marks among newly built hotels in Battambang. The starting price for the room is 40 USD per night.

Delux Villa

This family-owned business takes pride in the best reviews in town. It is located in the center of Battambang. You can count on the friendly staff, spotless pool, and well-equipped rooms at a starting price of 40 USD per night.

Battambang Resort

If you decide to stay at Battambang Resort, you will discover the hidden charm of its astonishing tropical gardens with the gorgeous view of the lake and the rice paddies. It is located at the 2.5 miles distance from the city center. The price for the room starts at 55 USD per night.

Bambu Hotel

This lovely hotel with 16 rooms is British owned. It could be without a doubt the scenery for a colonial postcard. The price for the room starts at 80 USD per night.

Bric-à-Brac B&B

Bric-à-Brac is the lavish new place in Battambang. This stunning B&B with the three designed rooms and bar is placed in the city center. The river is nearby.

Asia Hotel

Asia Hotel is one of the province’s best choices. It is starred deluxe facility with the tradition dating back to 1996. Clean, quiet and comfortable rooms are available in the range from 5 USD to 30 USD.  Standard, superior and deluxe rooms are at your disposal, as well as deluxe suites rooms.


Massage in Battambang

There are a few reputed places offer massage services such as Today massage, Nature boutique spa, Lemongrass. They offer all types : foot, body, Thai massage etc… And the rate is affordable 


Victory Club is a large outdoor swimming pool with sun loungers and massages. It is an ideal place where expats and locals fight the heat. You can wear western-style swimwear, but be prepared to receive a couple of glances. If you want more physical activity, you can also use the gym.

Price: pool $2 USD; gym $1 USD

Prasat Phnom Banan Winery

This unique winery is the only one in Cambodia, and it is located south of Battambang, halfway to the Phnom Banan. It is a family business that has started without any previous experience.

This vineyard takes pride in three harvests per year while normally there should be only one. The red wine from this winery tastes like no other wine, and it stinks. This is not a worthy place to visit but it is on the way of many day-long tours, and it is a novelty. For the wine aficionados, this could be a refreshing experience. The owners are utmost friendly and they will welcome you cordially. It is daily open from 08:00 to 18:00.

Price: 2 USD wine tasting

Address: Bat Sala Village

Phone: (+855) 012 665 238

Studio Portraits

Cambodian-style studio portraits are very popular all over Cambodia since they belong to an old tradition. Couples like to order studio portraits for important life events, such as engagement or wedding announcements.

It is also one of the attractions to experience in Battambang. Photo studios offer a large variety of costumes, and they gain more popularity among middle-class teenagers that love to have professional portraits on Facebook. Besides traditional Khmer apparel, in Sanker Photo Studio you will find a surprising list of costumes from Japanese kimonos to dresses for the beauties. Our blog will give you some tips how to take the best possible studio portrait.

Open daily, 07:00 until 19:00

Address: 74-76 Street 2, South of Psar Nath, Battambang

Phone: (+855) 053 952 511

Taking a cooking Class in Battambang

If you are a gourmet or you simply enjoy preparing food, keep in mind that the Hynam cooking class is the best cooking class in Battambang. This hands-on class is unique, and it offers you to experience Khmer cuisine step by step. The tour starts on the market with plenty of herbs, condiments, different kinds of meat that all have pure freshness in common. While having lunch with your host you will be able to understand their local lifestyle and food culture. You are going to make 3 dishes.  Remember that this is not a professional cooking class but authentic experiences of local food culture.

Private cooking class in the outskirt of Battambang city


Jaan Bai is a training restaurant established by the Cambodia Children’s Trust with the support of Vittoria Coffee and famous Australian chef David Thompson who trains the youth in preparing delicious Khmer and Thai dishes. This urban enterprise recently opened, has now the reputation of must-see place in Battambang. Maybe it is better to say must-eat since all profit goes to support the sustainability of the Cambodia Children’s Trust. Support this noble cause by eating here and know that cocktails are just as compelling as the food.

The White Rose is a small restaurant that offers Khmer and Thai food at a reasonable price. It is the favourite place of ex-pats and locals. Main dishes cost 3 USD.

Lan Chov Khorko Miteanh (Chinese Noodle Shop) serves house-made noodles stirred into a variety of dishes. The duck noodle soup is a firm’s recommendation. For the average price of 1.75 USD per bowl, you will always come back to eat while you enjoy at the same time the meditative style in which the food is prepared.

Nary Kitchen is a family-owned restaurant opened in 2009. You get here by taking a short walk through the centre of Battambang. The restaurant offers traditional Khmer menu and vegetarian dishes, and it is famous for Fish Amok and Lok Lak.  All ingredients are daily provided from the market and they are of excellent quality. You will enjoy the meal in the pleasurable atmosphere. The restaurant offers also soft drinks, cold beer, coffee and tea, and the staff speaks English. Prices range from 1.25 USD to 3 USD.

That is more than affordable having in mind that Nary prepares all meal in her own kitchen from scratch. For that reason, you might wait around 40 minutes for your order but the meal is worth of waiting. We highly recommend you to join to Khmer Cooking Class! The class includes a four-course meal with the dessert for only 10 USD per person. 

Fresh Eats Café was found in 2007 to enable disadvantaged children to learn English and restaurant skills. All profit of the Café supports residential home and skills training. You will find this extraordinary place down the 2.5 Street, near Central Market. This place is an ideal choice to have brunch, lunch or dinner. It offers Western and Khmer cuisines at an average rate. The ingredients are all local and organic what makes daily specialties very tasty. For the groups of at least 8 people, it is possible to prepare local delicacies such as family-style Khmer curry. The staff is very friendly but you will have to wait a while.

Khmer Delight Restaurant & Bar is located in the central Battambang. It is one of the firsts Western-style restaurants that is also offering traditional Khmer cuisine and other Asian favourites. Its design combines characteristics of the French colonial era with the exotic of the Khmer empire and modern Cambodia. It is an interesting place to eat or to enjoy the cocktail or some other drink. The big breakfast is served for 5 USD but better and more affordable breakfasts are served in some other places.

New Guinea Coffee has been designed in the European style. For those in need of a strong brew, it is an excellent choice. 50 cent drafts run from 17:00 till 20:00.


From the late afternoon hours on the river bank south of the Battambang’s museum sets up the night market. Here, in the lively atmosphere, you can join locals for an evening beer or snack. The string of stalls is offering beer, soft drinks, noodles, and nibbles for the cheap price.

La Villa is for those who are in the search for the classic French fare in the French ambiance. You will get high quality at a reasonable price. The price for starter and the main course is from 15 to 20 USD. A good selection of wines is also available. Couples like very much to hang out in the classy bar area in the early evening hours. One glass of wine is always recommended.

Along with Street 2 1/2, you will find many great options for evening meals. Fresh Eats Café is an NGO run restaurant that serves Khmer dishes under the slogan ‘For Children, not For Profit’. Taste Of India is a bit pricier but for the great Indian food, 6 USD per person is not too much. The newly opened BTB Pizza becomes more popular since pizzas are made by a skilled Italian chef.

Battambang Comfort In and Coconut House both serve 50 c draft beer. They are popular among travelers for this offer but for the food we recommend you to chose some other place from our guide.

Madison Corner is the only bar open later than 23.00. The price of the beer is around 2 USD.

Many of the small restaurants with plastic seats and dishes on the display are just about the right for those who prefer eating like locals. Based on our rich experience, we want to recommend Khmer Restaurant on the south corner of the Market (opposite Pizza Hand) and the Chinese Noodles Restaurant on the 2nd Street, a couple of blocks south of the Market. If you head a little further south along the river, you can try Facebook Stall, with the same-named banner. Excellent white noodles are served here and the owner is simply the legend.

Cafés in Battambang

Sunrise Coffee Shop is an excellent bakery and coffee shop with some specialties such as Cinnamon Roles and Chicken Quesadillas with homemade salsa. Free Wi-Fi is an extra advantage.

Gecko Café is Western-oriented and it offers tasty pizzas for 5 to 7 USD. Alcoholic drinks are also available in very good selection. The place is located upstairs in an old French colonial building and it is a bit pricier. Wi-Fi is free.

Kinyei Café is known in Cambodia for awarded baristas and the best coffee in town. The specialty is Street Latte. Here you can also have an excellent breakfast or some other light meals such as veggie burgers, and energy salads. Mexican food is also of good quality. The staff is friendly and free Wi-Fi is available.

Coconut Water serves breakfast only. It is a long-standing NGO that works with vulnerable women. Eating here supports good cause. Tasty shakes are highly recommended, and the shop sells locally crafted gifts and clothing. Free Wi-Fi is available.

Vegetarian Foods Restaurant in Battambang

This place is a bit hard to find since this hole in the wall is tucked away near Monorom garden. You will find in the menu mostly Chinese vegetarian food made of soy faux-meat ingredients. The price of the dishes is between 1 – 1.25 USD. Daily fresh soy milk in different flavors has been produced here as well.

Working Hours: 06:30 to 20:00

Address: 506 La He Street, between Street 101 and NH5, Battambang

Phone: (+855) 012 501 408; (+855) 092 335 252

Local Style and Street Food in Battambang

Pork and Rice Lady

Battambang street food

Bai sach chrouk is a good choice for breakfast in Battambang

Chopped grilled pork and rice (Bai sach chrouk) is traditionally the best choice to start the morning. At this place, you can combine it with smoky chili-flecked green mango salad. This tasty combination is mouthwatering. The extra additions are fried egg and pickled cucumbers and carrots.

The friendly owner sets up shop in the morning in front of the house on Street 2.5. She does not speak English but responds to the basic point-and-smile approach.

If you want to search for other street side eateries in the neighborhood, you will find many of the around the block. Bai sach chrouk with all side food costs around 1.25 USD.

Street Side Khmer Noodle Soup

Street Side Khmer Noodle Soup

Khmer traditional breakfast

This informal stall is the best place to get a traditional Cambodian breakfast. It is set back from the road 207 towards President Hotel, past Dewey University.

It serves kuy teav Khmer noodle soup, and it is not at all hard to find it since it is very popular. Numerous motorbikes are parked around the gateway. Here you will enjoy tasty vegetables, noodles, and pork broth soup. A bowl is only $0.75 USD but you have to get here early! They are open only for breakfast.

Address: Street 207, just past Dewey University, Battambang

Banh Chao (Cambodian Crepe)

Banh Chao Battambang

Banh Chao : A great food to try in Battambang

This is still the subject of an ongoing debate about whether it originated from Vietnam. You are in Cambodia, so you better stick to that side. The traditional bean sprout, vegetable, and meat-filled egg crepe is available at a multitude of restaurants along road 159D (towards the railway line) for just 0.75 USD.

There are several restaurants serving Banh Chao. They are all in traditional wooden houses overlooking the river. These great views are something you will remember for sure. The one below, in a green building, is our favorite.

Address: Street 159D Northwest of Street 302, Battambang

Phone: (+855) 097 796 9865



Many Cambodian famous artists and musicians were born in Battambang. Unfortunately, the Khmer Rouge regime has destroyed the art scene was completely destroyed. Recently, Battambang recalls its former glory, encouraging the arts scene revival. Several new galleries and art spaces have opened. Marble and wood carvings blossom again. Colored gemstones that can be purchased online from Pailin are also popular.

Some old shop houses serve nowadays as art centers or shopping venues in the vivid Walking District. The area along and around Street 2.5 is especially known for art. Sangker Gallery supports the art of young local talents. Some of them are students at the Fine Arts School (NGO Phare Ponleu Selpak’s) for youth at risk.

The Romcheik 5 Art Space is located on the east riverside. This place stands out and hosts graduates of Fine Art School in the quality space.

Local art is present in some restaurants as well. Lotus Bar & Gallery possesses an upper art space hosting ongoing exhibitions. Expat artists and Cambodian, who live in Battambang, use this space for their exhibits. The interior design of the Choco L’Art café is enriched with artworks of Phare graduates.

Souvenir shopping here is a unique, pleasant, and fascinating activity that has been supported by the local art scene. The Lost Stick on Street 2.5 takes pride in its valuable rarity collection. Bric-à-Brac favors crafts and textiles. More traditional souvenirs comprise marble and wood carvings and statues. They are available in an array of shops on the riverfront.


All banks encash traveler’s checks and change money and most of them have ATMs. There are several ATMs at the riverfront street corner in front of Phsar Nath. Money changers are concentrated around the market with a few along Road #1.


Boueng Chhouk Dental Clinic Dentistry

Services: Implant, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Pediatric, Preventive, Endodontic & Restorative, General Consultation and Diagnosis, Aesthetics and Whitening, Prosthodontics, Dr. Ly Sokseyha.

Open: 07:30 – 11:30; 13:30 – 19:30 PM

Address: #212-213, (Next to Sorya Bus Station and Opposite Hang Lay Guesthouse) North of Boeung Chhoeuk Market, Battambang Province, Cambodia.

Phone: +(855)(0)12-872326


Yi Kuok Clinic

General medicine/surgery.24h ambulance service. X-ray, CT-scan, ultrasound, ECG, lab, vaccinations. Approved insurance accepted. Visa/MC

South end of town

Tel: 053-953163, 012-530171

Where to go after Battambang?

Siem Reap : It takes 3-hours by bus or 6 hours by boat. This is a must-see place for your trip to Cambodia. It’s awesome to explore the world heritage site of Angkor Wat and take a leisurely boat ride on Tonlesap 

Sihanoukville: It usually takes 8 hours by bus but there is no sleeping bus available. This is a beach gateway trip to soak up in the cool water, entertain yourself in the bars and pubs. To me, it is a true heaven for backpacking travellers.

Phnom Penh: It takes 6 to 7 hours by bus. Known as the capital city of Cambodia which you can see lots of historical sites and cultural attractions with a numerous of temples, museums and the Royal Palace


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