Mai Chau food tour – Eat like a local in Mai Chau

Prices starting from: US $45

Wonder what to do in the evening in Mai Chau, fed up with staying in a homestay without doing anything. We don’t you join this secret Mai Chau food tour to experience unique food culture and signature dishes in Mai Chau. Unlike other street food tour which just take you to eat the same dishes: Banh Mi, Pho soup, Banh cuon etc. We try out something different, the food we try, is unique to Mai Chau which makes us different from any other tour businesses in Mai Chau 

We also enjoy a fun ride on a motorbike to explore hidden trails in Mai Chau that usual tourists don’t know. Unlike Hanoi which has tons of street stalls, and local eateries everywhere, Mai Chau is so much different We will try out local food in the family homestays and local restaurants around Lac village or Poom Coong village or Mai Chau town. 

This tour is fun, educational, memorable, and amazing! Join this Mai  Chau foodie tour with Hynam Travel

Why this Mai Chau food tour with Hynam

  • We are the first local tour operator that offers food tours in Mai Chau. We want to be the leading culinary tour operator in Mai Chau
  • We benefit locals by offering meats at homestays and local restaurants, when you are our guests, you are giving back to the local community 
  • We combine motorbike tours, food tours, local experiences, and culture all in one tour. 
  • In the near future, if there are more local food stalls and local eateries that serve authentic local food, we will be the first one who organizes Mai Chau street food tour for foodie lovers.
  • We create fun things to do at night, as well as create a new food tour trend in Mai Chau. We are sure in the near future, there will be lots of copycats. 
  •  Our tour is flexible, if it rains, we could offer a taxi ride if you are traveling in a small group of less than 5 people. 
  • Thai food culture is interesting but no one introduce it 




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Destinations included:
Mai Chau

Mai Chau food tour – Eat like a local in Mai Chau

Price: US $45
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What to expect in this Mai Chau foodie tour

  • Try out authentic local food in Mai Chau
  • Eat at homestays, local restaurants
  • Learn in-depth about Thai food culture
  • Interact with a local host family
  • Fun ride on a motorbike to explore hidden trails in Mai Chau
  • Unique touring experience in Mai Chau


Duration: 3 hours
Meeting point: Your hotel/accommodation
Start time: 11.30 am for the Lunch option or 5.00 pm for the Dinner option

Type of tour : Private

Itinerary of Mai Chau food tour 

11.30am for lunch option or 5.00pm for dinner option. Our Hynam Travel‘s guide greet you at your accommodation to start a fun ride on a motorbike to explore unknown parts of Mai Chau.  We’ll try out the best Thai food in homestays/local restaurants

The tour ends at a local cafe with a drink. 

Sample Mai Chau street food tour’s menu 

  • Ca Suoi nuong : Grilled streamed fish 
  • Com Lam nuong : BBQ rice in bamboo tube
  • BBQ pork skewers
  • Stir-fried bamboo shoot with garlic
  • Stir fried local vegetable
  • Cha cuon la buoi : Fried pork roll with pomelo leaves
  • Drinks at local cafe

Note :

  • This tour can be customized based on your request
  • We cater vegetarian, please contact us for more details
  • If you can’t sit on the back of the motorbike, we’ll arrange the car instead of with extra costs of $5 per person
  • This tour isn’t cheap and won’t be suitable for budget travelers as we eat at homestays and local restaurants so the cost is much higher than eating at local hawker stalls in Hanoi. Please don’t compare this price to a food tour in Hanoi which makes no sense.

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Lunch with local in Mai Chau


Local food tasting

Soft drink


Personal expenses

Gratitude (Recommended)

We pride ourselves in creating personalised travel experiences that suit all your preferences and needs.

With this tour you can:

  • Choose your own departure date
  • Select the comfort level of accommodation
  • Adjust activities to cater to special interests
  • Modify any aspect of the tour as needed