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Minh Chau beach travel guide 2019

Quan Lan Island is famous for Minh Chau Beach that is located 15 kilometers from Quan Lan village.  It is long and sandy with one unique feature – the sand does not stick on your feet. You can take a walk by the emerald seawater completely relaxed.

This is a detailed Minh Chau beach travel guide with up to date information in 2019.

Quan Lan island travel maps

Best time to go to Minh Chau beach area

Summer is the best time to travel to Minh Chau from May to August, which is also typhoon season. Check the weather forecast in advance to get up to date. Because the speed boat might have no permission to operate when it comes to bad weather condition, especially windy days. 

How to get to Minh Chau

Speed boat to Quan Lan Island

Coming here from either Halong city (there is a pier near Long Tien pagoda) or in Cai Rong port is way more simple. There is a direct route to get to Minh Chau quay. Here comes its schedule

From Hon Gai (near Long Tien pagoda) : 13.30pm

From Quan Lan to Hon Gai : 7.00am 

Ticket price: 200.000VND per person

From Van Don to Quan Lan : 13.30pm 

From Quan Lan to Van Don : 7.00am

Ticket price: 150.000VND per person 

From the quay, take a motorbike taxi or electric car. Most of the hotels offer free pick up from the quay, please check before booking a room. 

How to get around Minh Chau, Quan Lan

By bicycle

Hire a bike and get around the island is the best way for those who like outdoor activities. It costs around $5 per bike per day

By motorbike

It costs around 200.000VND per day, you fill up gasoline on your own. 

By electric car

It will run along the island from Minh Chau to Quan Lan. The fare ranges from 20.000VND to 60.000VND based on the route. 

Accommodation in Minh Chau beach are – Where to stay

Quan Lan accommodation

Khai Mai hotel 

This is a 2 stars beachside hotel, only 50 meters from Minh Chau beach. Just open your windows room, there is a sea view with a stunning view of the beach and forest. There is an onsite restaurant with its capacity up to 100 guests

Minh Chau beach resort 

The first 3 stars hotel in Quan Lan island with a 700 years old eucharis forest right in the front of the resort, which is considered as a lung of Minh Chau beach. There is an onsite restaurant with buffet breakfast, set menu for lunch and dinner. 

La Paloma hotel

Operated in 2017, one of the best 3 stars hotels in Quan Lan island. There are onsite restaurant and bar. 

Mini hotel, Motels and guests house  

+ Tuan Thuy guest house

+ Thanh Thuy guest house

+ Thu Minh mini hotel

Activities at Minh Chau beach 

Minh Chau Beach is an ideal place for outdoor activities, such as camping, playing sports or even learning about highly interesting marine life. The beach is especially attractive in the starry night when you can initiate a camping fire with your family or friends. This peaceful setting by the sea offers also BBQ events with seafood specialties. You should not miss that when you get here

Things to do in Minh Chau beach 

Swimming in Minh Chau Beach Quan Lan

+ Board a wooden boat that makes few stops at local islets. Capture the sunset with your camera and remember the photo as one of the most beautiful you have ever seen.

+ Soaking up at stunning Minh Chau beach

+ Cycle to another side of Quan Lan with 24 kilometers round trip 

+ Check out other nearby beaches, Son Hao is 6 kilometers from Minh Chau, Quan Lan beach is 12 kilometers from Minh Chau

+ See some temples and historical sites such as Quan Lan temples, Van Don ancient port, the Shire for General Tran Khanh Du who flighted against Mongolian in 13rd century

+ See the stunning  view from Eo Gio (Wind Strait) 

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Pro tips for Minh Chau beach

+ Always book a room in advance when it comes to peak seasons like May day, the weekend of summer period (May to July)

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