Top 10 money saving tips Coto island , Quang Ninh

Here is money saving tips for a Coto island trip to help you travel cheaper, longer and affordable, written by a local guide of Hynam Travel, who has been travelling to Coto island tons of time

Coto island is an unexplored island near Halong bay, has become a rising destination for domestic travellers. If you are looking for untouched beaches, crystal clear water and stunning natural beauty and especially, off the beaten track experience, this is a perfect choice. 


Money saving tips Coto island

10 money-saving tips for travelling Coto island

Top 10 money saving tips Coto island

Tip 1 : Look For Accommodation Closer To The Town Or The Beach:

if you can’t ride a motorbike, then you will only move around by either engine taxi (xeom) or electric buses. Staying in the town will give you access to places to eat, cafés, and cell phone shops, markets and so on. Staying on the beach is better for people who simply need to unwind and sunbathe for the entire day. However, the food at the beach houses cost more than other places.

Tip 2 : Taking Dcar Minivan With Vandon Xanh Limousine

The minivan takes you straight from Hanoi, and also includes hotel pickups. Some of other transports services or minivan just drop you off at Cam Pha town which is 19 kilometers far away from the wharf, you will need to take another taxi to get there.

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Tip 3 : Purchasing Round Trip Boat Ticket at the Ticket Office in Van Don

Speed boat in Coto island

If you are on a schedule then purchase a round trip speed boat ticket it is way better because you don’t need to stress over being cheated by purchasing elsewhere. Or you can get it at the inns, motels.

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Tip 4 : Procuring a Motorbike with Fuel

 Fuel stations are hard to find in the area. If you don’t stay in Coto town then it’s going to be a bit uncomfortable for you. The fuel cost ranges from 25,000VND to 30,000VND for every litter

Tip 5: Eating at a Crowded Restaurant Isn’t a Good Idea

You can easily be cheated. Places like An Tam 3 eatery, for example.

Tip 6 : Make Sure To Always Check Prices

Not just in the market shops but also in the eateries. When buying food take extra care to check whether you will pay per dish, kilo or for every item individually.

Tip 7 : If You Want Seafood it’s better to Get Clam or Scallop

These are better because they are gotten easily on the island. For cheap prices, order white clams or, blood cockle. Prawns cost 18USD/per kilogram, while squid is around 24USD/per kilogram in depending on the size. Try to order small portions per dish. If you are travelling with others then half kilogram is sufficient. It is advised not to order tofu and meat.

Tip 8 : Always Have a Helmet on When You Are on a Motorbike

This is for your own safety and also for the benefit of the bike rider because there are a lot of traffic police all over the island.

Tip 9 : Book Your Room Ahead Of Time

 It is better to reserve rooms ahead of time especially during tourist season. While it is very easy to stroll to find a room like Hanoi, it is better to book before coming. Weekends are also expected to be more swarmed than weekdays.

List of Motels and Eateries That You Ought To Avoid

An Tam 3 Eatery: It is quite costly at the local rate. 5USD for a bowl of soup with 7 clams, 5 USD for a dish of pork with 20 pieces, 2USD/a dish of pan-fried tofu.

Note: This is the local rate; it may be alright for outsider. It is simply the indigenes perspective.

Bad Attitude, Impoliteness: Duty is 10USD/per motorbike with fuel yet it was sufficient to get to the filling station. I approached them to get some fish for us however they didn’t have it, without warning, they gave another dish.

Seaside Vendor: Please check the price before purchasing. You would do well to pay ahead of time

Summary for Coto island budget travel

Luckily, most of the tourist attractions in Coto island is free of charge. Try to book accommodation as soon as possible to avoid peak season rate from May to July. Eating local way is always good advice like having breakfast at local eateries in Coto morning market.

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