Ngoc Vung island travel guide : Everything you need to know about Ngoc Vung island

Here is an independent Ngoc Vung island travel guide version 2021 by Hynam Travel to show you how to get there and around.,. the best time to travel, what to do and see, how to get around and more. 

Ngoc Vung is a less-visited island among travellers with sunshine, emerald water, fresh air, friendly locals and more. Tourism isn’t developed on the island so there is no wifi, weak 3G signal, you’ll live like Robinson Crusoe on the wild island.

You will get everything you need to plan a trip to Ngoc Vung island, the remote island in Northern Vietnam locates in Bai Tu Long bay area. We ensure that you won’t find second article on the internet provide such detailed information like us. Most of them written by travel agents and not more than a destination guide

Introduction to Ngoc Vung island

Ngoc Vung island belongs to Van Don Dist, Quang Ninh province, Vietnam about 45 square kilometers and 1000 inhabitants living in the island. There is a variety of topography such as river, sea, delta, includes both freshwater and saltwater, which helps local farmers grow both rice farming and seafood such as shrimp, fish, squid in the floating cage. There are lots of untouched beaches with crystal clear water, white sand and 3 kilometers long. On the other hand, you can also experience tranquil settings of rural life and landscape. It is considered as a beautiful village in the ocean. 

This island is perfect for those who like travelling off the beaten path, love the locals and pristine natural beauty. Let’s come and experience as early as you can.

Top things to do in Ngoc Vung island

We recommended these activities for travelers who love nature. It is a wonderful place for those who like traveling off the beaten track

  • Soak up the crystal clear water
  • Sunbathing on a white sandy beach
  • Biking along the unique path of the island
  • Camping and campfire on the beach
  • Experience as a local fisherman in one day
  • Walk in the early morning and breath fresh air

 The best time to visit Ngoc Vung island

If you are a sea lover, summer is the best time to see the island in between May to August. September, October is rainy and typhoon season and winter time from November to February which isn’t a good time for travelling the island.

Check out the weather forecast in Ngoc Vung island here

How to get to Ngoc Vung island from Hanoi

There are actually 3 piers: Vung Duc (Cam Pha), Cai Rong (Van Don), Hon Gai (Halong city). The most common choice is Vung Duc(Cam Pha), there are more options for travelling by boat to the island. If you want to combine or depart from Halong city, Hon Gai pier is the best choice.

Stage 1 : From Hanoi to Cam Pha 

Hoang Phu limousine

There are a few options for the type of vehicles from private car 7 seater, Dcar limousine 9 seaters or limousine bus 18 seaters. 

Rate and schedule

For private 7 seaters car Sedona : 250,000VND for the first seat and 3 middle seats; 230,000VND for 02 back seats

For Dcar Limousine 9 seaters : 200,000VND for the first seat, 250,000VND for 04 middle seats and 220,000VND for 03 back seats

For 18 seaters limousine bus : For all type of seats 

From Hanoi to Cam Pha : 5.00am; 6.00am ; 8.00am ; 10.00am ; 11.00am ; 13.00pm ; 15.00pm ; 18.00pm ; 20.00pm

From Cam Pha to Hanoi :  8.00am; 10.00am; 11.00am, 12.00pm; 13.00pm ; 14.00pm ; 15.00pm ; 16.00pm ; 17.00pm ; 18.00pm 19.00pm ; 20.00pm ; 21.00pm 

Hotline : 1900.1085

Nghia Anh limousine

There are 2 type of vehicles : 7 seaters car and Dcar Limousine 9 seaters

From Hanoi to Cam Pha : 10.00am, 11.00am, 13.00pm, 14.00pm, 16.00pm, 17.00pm

From Cam Pha to Hanoi : 3.00am and 3.30am

Hotline : 0898.25.38.38 – 0968 55 68 69

From Hanoi Old Quarter to Hon Gai

We recommmend a serveral companies below for transfer from Hanoi Old Quarter to Hon Gai

AB Travel limousine Van

Schedule : From Hanoi to Halong : 6.00am, 7.30am, 9.00am, 11.00am, 15.00pm, 17.00pm

From Halong to Hanoi : 9.30am, 11.00am, 12.30pm, 14.30pm, 16.30pm, 18.30pm, 20.00pm 

Ticket rate : $17 per person

Rosa Eco Bus – Luxury limousine 

Pick up in Hanoi Old Quarter from 7.30am to 8.00am

Pick up in Halong area : 11.30am to 12.00pm

Ticket rate : $29 for one way, $50 for round trip ticket

Stage 2 : Boat trip from Halong, Cai Rong or Cam Pha to Ngoc Vung 

From Ben Duc (Cam Pha) to Ngoc Vung island , a wooden boat is leaving at 7.00am and 13.00pmticket rate is 50.000VND per person with 2 hours boat ride.

From Cai Rong to Ngoc Vung : a wooden boat departs at 7.00am and 13.00pm, ticket rate is 60.000VND per person

From Hon Gai to Ngoc Vung

Going to Long Tien pagoda and ask locals for a pier closed by 

Thanh Hung travel

From Hon Gai to Ngoc Vung : 7.30am , 14.00pm

From Ngoc Vung to Hon Gai : 7.00am, 12.00pm

Ticket rate : 160.000VND per person

Hotline : Mr.Hung- 0913266252 ; Mr Dao – 0395366715

How to get around Ngoc Vung island

There are four types of transportation on the island: tuk-tuk, bicycle, motorbike, and electric car. Tuk Tuk might be banned one day. If you travel in a small group from 1 to 4 people, bicycle and motorbike is the best because its size is small. 

Tuk tuk 

From the pier to the hotel : 200.000VND per ride

Getting around the island : 200.000VND per ride

Maximum for 10 people

Contact number: 0915667442

Electric car :

300.000VND per right

Contact number: 0379129345

Bicycle ride

Bike for rent: $3 per bike per day

Things to do in Ngoc Vung island – Recommended by local experts

Check out top attractions in Ngoc Vung island which you should pay a visit in your trip. 

Uncle Ho’s memorial

He had visited the island in 1962 and visit the locals. In order to memorize the event, locals had planted a banyan tree where he made a speech with locals.

Freshwater lake

The natural condition is almost the same as in the mainland, there is a freshwater lake to supply warter for an agricultural system

National flag tower on the island

In reality, there is a military zone which you need permission to visit. It is 100 meters high. From here , you could see Vietnamese national flag waving. 

Ngoc Vung ancient citadel

The citadel was built around 1839 under Nguyen dynasty. Unfortunately, due to effect from both nature and people, it doesn’t look like as it used to be. It was built by stone but during French war, locals had taken the stone as well as erosion of the weather, the citadel itself has been pathetic.

Truong Chinh beach

Located in Southern part of the island, known as a famous tourist attraction. It was named after Mr Truong Chinh who has been here in 1962 together with Uncle Ho.

It is 3 kilometers long, untouched beach with white sand, crystal clear water, only 15 minutes walk from the heart of the island.

Cong Yen pier 

Together with Hep pier, those two piers in the Northern of the island. Both of them used to be a bustling trading port from Ly dynasty to Nguyen Dynasty (11 to 19 century) but the most prosperous during Ly and Tran Dynasty (from 11 to 14 century)

What to eat in Ngoc Vung island

A seafood paradise with a good supply from the ocean. 

Grouper hotpot

It isn’t a strange dish for inhabitants living in the island. But with a simple technique of cooking, it becomes a must try dish for travellers to the island. \

It is available in the late fall or early winter, people said that it’s the best time to get good quality of grouper with nutritious, plenty of food on the sea water. There is a bunch of rapids, islets, rock reef available on the island, which is a good place to the fish to grow up. 

Locals use fishing rods to catch them along the reef rocks.

Seawater clam in Ngoc Vung island

It is 6 times bigger than a common one and unique to the island, which lives under white sand beaches. You may grill, add into congree, hotpot, a bowl of soup


Raised in a floating cage. It is awesome to enjoy steamed squid and drink some beer.

BBQ Prawn

BBQ prawn using a baking sheet and grilled on charcoal. 

Where to stay on the island

Well, there is a limited choice for accommodation in Ngoc Vung island. There is only a resort available for staying overnight here. Properly, this is the best choice for those who would like to stay in a comfortable condition. The only way to book accommodation here is to make a phone call to these numbers provided below but please ask a Vietnamese person or hotel staff to make a call because of the language barrier. 

Song Da Ngoc Vung hotel and resort

It is the best choice for those who want a comfortable stay in the island. It is a beachside resort located in the heart of the island. It is good for couples, family, group of friends hanging out, soaking up the sea and having fun. There are sea view bungalows, high season(May to September) rate: $45 per room, low season (October to April) $32 per room, set menu: 200.000VND per person, BBQ on the beach: 300.000VND per person

Hotline : 091 238 18 95

Dao Ngoc Xanh hotel

This is a budget hotel , locates in Ngoc Binh village. There is an onsite restaurant.

Hotline: 0836 952 875

Army guest house

Built in 2015, with a standard for a mini-budget hotel of 12 rooms with aircon, hot shower… This is properly the best choice on this island in term of quality and rate 

Suggested menu: Deep fried clam meat, boiled stone snail, steamed squid, bbq sea clam with spring onion

Hotline : 096 232 79 85

Hong Bao motel

There are only 4 rooms in the motel

Hotline: 0975020367 – 0912622682

 Countryside house on stilt

Share public toilet, accommodates from 40 to 60 people

Rate : 70.000VND

He do have some private rooms, 400.000VND per room per night. The owner doesn’t really experience at cooking

Hotline: 0986287548

Viet Duc motel

Hotline : 0989 936 589-01679 788 869

Suggested itinerary for travelling Ngoc Vung island from Hanoi

Day 1 : Hanoi – Halong – Ngoc Vung

10.00 : Take a bus from Hanoi to Halong

13.30 : Take a speed boat from Hon Gai to Ngoc Vung island 

14.30 : Arrive at the hotel.

15.00 : Paying a visit to a few atractions: Uncle Ho’s memorial, Pine tree forest, Truong Chinh beach

After dinner, free at your leisure

Day 2 : Ngoc Vung – Halong – Hanoi 

After breakfast, free and easy

12.00pm : Take a speed boat back to Halong. Have lunch in Halong city

14.00pm : Bus back to Hanoi.

Arrive Hanoi around 5.00pm. Trip ends

What to buy in Ngoc Vung island

-Fresh seafood : squid, sea prawn, clam…

-Rose myrtle

-Wild pineapple

Ngoc Vung island review

If you are in search of off-the-beaten-track place and love adventure travel, Ngoc Vung island is the right choice for your upcoming trip to Northern Vietnam. Ngoc Vung is famous for its pristine natural beauty of untouched beaches, primitive forest, as well as amazing friendly locals, fresh and tasty seafood dish, especially, a very few tourists going there. 

Ngoc Vung island travel tips

  • There is no ATM machine on the island, so remember to bring cash in Vietnam Dong (roughly 3 million) 
  • The best way to get around the island is to hire a scooter
  • Seafood is the top choice on this island for food. If you are vegan or vegetarian or allergy to seafood, please contact your host in order to prepare suitable dish for you
  • Avoid travelling during the peak season of domestic tourism from June to August (especially weekend trip from Friday to Saturday) 
  • Catch the dawn on the island is an amazing experience, especially during the summertime

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