Bac Son valley : 1 to 4 days itinerary, suggested by local experts

This article by Hynam Travel is all about the suggested Bac Son valley itinerary for planning a Bac Son valley trip : 1,2,3,4 days. A new rising destination in Northeast Vietnam with a stunning view, scenic landscape, friendly locals, great hiking experience and more

Bac Son valley at a glance

Bac Son valley itinerary

Panoramic view of Bac Son valley, Lang Son

The hidden gemstone in Lang Son of its Bac Son Valley awaits your discovery of its lush greenery and mountainous peaks. The green paradise of Bac Son Valley is located about 250 kilometres south of Hanoi nestled in the heart of the rural district of Bac Son.

The stunning scenery of the brilliantly coloured green and yellow rice paddy fields and the sparkling rivers that flow through will leave you breathless. This fertile valley relies heavily on agriculture and the ethnicity of the local Tay culture.

Na Lay is one of the highest mountains of Bac Son Valley and if you climb to its peak, the view is stunning where you will see the expansive mountain peaks, flowing rivers and awe-inspiring greenery of the patty fields.

Get to know Bac Son Valley and Ethnic Tay Culture

Bac Son homestay

Staying in a homestay is the best way to learn more about local culture and tradition

Bac Son is a rural district of Lang Son Providence situated in the northeast regions of Vietnam approximately 160 kilometers from Hanoi. The impressive mountains are extremely high, towering above the patty fields at 500-1200 meters.

The incredible scenery of the Bac Son Valley is best had from the top of one of the highest mountains called Na Lay. It is a mere two miles from the town and worth every minute when you take in the stunning view. This exciting new tourist destination of the Bac Son Valley offers everything to culture and nature lovers alike.

When you travel around the Bac Son Valley you will enjoy scenic nature hiking and mountain biking along with enjoying the local ethnic Tay culture. The Tay people are extremely friendly and will take you on a journey through their traditions by teaching you their rice cultivation methods of horticulture farming and life in general as an ethnic minority. Hynam Travel will guide you through the wonders of this beautiful valley and surrounding landscapes and can provide avenues to head off the beaten path if you so desire.

Suggested itinerary for Bac Son Valley

This is suggested itinerary from 2 days to 4 days for Bac Son valley as followings

Explore Bac Son 2 days with homestay

Day 1 : Hanoi – Bac Son – Nalay peak

Take a local bus ride for 3.5 hours from My Dinh bus station to Bac Son. Arrive at the homestay. You should book lunch in advance. Hire a bicycle to get around. We do recommend to go to Na Lay mountain. which you can climb 1200 stone steps to reach the peak of Na Lay which offers a magnificent view of rice paddies, river and mountain. . With the flatlands below used to cultivate and harvest rice and each patch at many different times of the year, the ground will appear as a vividly colored carpet of greens, yellows and browns.

Day 2 : Cycling to Nong Luc temple and Dang Mo cave

Things to do in Bac Son valley

Nong Luc temple in Bac Son valley


After breakfast at the homestay, take a bike ride to explore Dang Mo cave with pristine natural beauty. You can go for a swim when it comes to summertime from May to August. It’s awesome to cool off at the waterfall. Don’t forget the swimming suits. Back to the homestay for lunch. 

After lunch, taking bus ride back to Hanoi. End of the tour!

Note : For photo lovers, I suggest to swap Nalay mountain for early bird visit for shooting sunrise. 

How to extend your trip to Bac Son valley

Lang Son city is about 60 kilometers (1.5 hours) bus ride from Bac Son valley. There are things to do in Lang Son city as followings

  • Hiking local mountains with steps where local doing morning exercises
  • Check out some local temples 
  • Explore karst limestone caves such as Tam Thanh and Nhi Thanh
  • Feast on local Lang Son cuisines
  • Enjoy cool atmosphere in Mau Son peak
  • Shopping at Dong Kinh market

Suggested 4 days itinerary in Lang Son and Bac Son 

Day 1 : Hanoi – Lang Son city tour, Huu Nghi border and shopping (190 kilometers – 4.5 hours drive by car). The bus is taking longer

Day 2 : Mau Son day trip from Lang Son (72 kilometers round trip – 3 hours drive) 

Day 3 : Lang Son – Bac Son (93 kilometers – 2.5 hours bus drive) 

Day 4 : Bac Son – Hanoi (177 kilometers – 3 hours and 45 minutes by bus) 

Hanoi – Bac Son – Lang Son – Halong Bay 4 days trip 

Day 1 : Hanoi – Bac Son (177 kilometers – 3 hours and 45 minutes by bus) 

Day 2 : Bac Son – Lang Son (93 kilometers – 2.5 hours bus drive) 

Day 3 : Lang Son – Halong (187 kilometers – 4 hours drive) 

Day 4 : Halong – Hanoi (150 kilometers – 2.5 hours drive on New express way) 

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Suggested itinerary for Bac Son Valley

Bac Son valley itinerary

In conclusion for the suggested Bac Son valley itinerary

2 days trip is the most popular for Bac Son valley. You can also extend to 3 days or 4 days trip according to your schedule and budget. This is a new destination in Northern Vietnam which you should pay a visit, especially for nature lovers and photographers.

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