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Bac Son valley, Vietnam : An off the beaten track destionation for photographers

The BAC SON VALLEY is an agricultural oasis located 250 miles to the south of Hanoi, Vietnam. This picturesque valley is framed by breathtaking limestone mountains that reach from 500 meters to 1200 meters high. This amazing view is best seen from the top, a short 500 step hike that delivers an awe-inspiring scene of lush rice paddies surrounded by the mountains.

Panoramic view of Bac Son valley, Vietnam

Bac Son, Vietnam – A great place for photo lovers

While rice is the main crop, it is not the only crop produced in the BAC SON VALLEY‘s rich soil. Sweet potatoes and corn are also popular crops. Farming is the main occupation of the inhabitants of the valley. The diversification of crops- rice is planted twice a year, and the introduction of corn and sweet potatoes has boosted agricultural income by 80%.

Bac Son valley view

The BAC SON VALLEY is more than just an agricultural wonder in a beautiful setting. The BAC SON VALLEY is famous for its lakes and rivers running through the rice fields. The valley is also home to charming villages of traditional stilt houses inhabited by original ethnic Tay people that have lived in this region for generations after moving to the area from the LANG SON region, north of Vietnam.

Bac Son in the harvest season

LANG SON was explored in 1922, revealing 43 sites that were related to the prevalent culture preserved in the BAC SON VALLEY and the Bac Son Mountains. The tour through this beautiful valley is a chance to view more than just the landscape, but a rare chance to see a culture that is hundreds of years old.

Bac Son view point

Perhaps the most impressive view of BAC SON VALLEY is from the very top of the mountain. While this climb can be tiring for the average person, the opportunity to see the lush fields, rivers, and stilt houses dotting the valley is more than rewarding. For the photographer in you, the photo opportunities from the top of the mountain are panoramic and impressive.

A Farmer working on the rice field

Make visiting this picturesque region a priority. There’s so much to see and experience in this valley that you will be amazed. The best way to reach the BAC SON VALLEY is by taking national highway No 1 from Hanoi toward Thai Nguyen and then take National Highway 1B. There are also plenty of tourist boards and organizations to provide you with any help you may need to plan your perfect day.

Visiting the BAC SON VALLEY is more than just a pleasant side trip as it gives you the chance to see Mother Nature at her most magnificent. The panoramic views and majestic mountains are excellent reminders of the splendor all around us.

Bac Son during the French war

Bac Son used to be a war base during the French colonial period. It was also famous for rich tradition during the revolution against the French and Japanese in 1940 in the Bac Son area under the leadership of the Vietnamese Communist Party 

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Bac Son valley in the harvest season

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