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Coto island, Vietnam : Top 10 things to do and see (2020)

Top 10 things to do in Coto island, Vietnam

See top 10 things to do in Coto island, Vietnam, suggested by a local expert who has been working as a local guide in Vietnam since 2010 and travelled to Coto island an array of times. 

Coto is considered as Phu Quoc island in Northern Vietnam. It is well off the beaten track location with tons of cool experiences to do. 

Top 10 things to do and see in Coto island – Top attractions in Coto island

1. Watching the Sunset in Little Coto Island

things to do in Coto island

Watching Sunset on the beach in Coto is a great thing to do

The beach in little Coto island is the most wonderful thing. The beautiful sandy beach encompasses the whole Island and can be compared to a crowning jewel of a stunning young lady. Sometimes the banks of rock emerge to magnify the splendor of the boundless sea and beach.

In the shady evening, the orange fringe cloud is truly entrancing. Visiting Coto in the late evening of a sunny day, makes us feel the peaceful aura of the environment. The rich green ocean water of little Coto island at dusk is truly entrancing. When the area becomes orange as a result of the setting sun, it can be compared to an artist’s watercolor painting. That is the best time to really appreciate the enchanting sunset in this delightful island.

Having BBQ Supper on the Beach

BBQ dinner on the beach Coto island

Having a BBQ dinner on the beach is a lovely things to do for couples in Coto island

Eating a BBQ supper on the beach is a very cool way for younger tourists to experience the beauty of the beach at night because the sand reflects the moonlight. Listening to the waving sea while savoring a bite of prime barbequed seafood and enjoying a sip of wine, is an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy a Scenic Perspective of the Entire Island on a Cloudless Day

Coto lighthouse is110 meters above sea level. From this altitude, you can appreciate the astounding landscape of an unblemished, tranquil island in broad daylight.

Boating and Fishing In the Evenings

Coto night fishing

Fishing in the evening is a great thing to do in Coto island

If you want to get the full experience of an island, then you should consider accompanying the local anglers on their evening fishing trips, particularly, when the weather conditions are favorable. It is a very good way to learn the skills for night time fishing. It will be a wonderful and exciting experience for fishing enthusiasts and adventure lovers.

Impressive Entertainment and Recreations

The recreation center is around 1000m2, and it is often referred to as the greatest water park in Vietnam. It has different types of activities, for example, overcome barrier, mountain climbing, on the ocean, kayaking, water volleyball, and it also features a complex for youngsters playing with sand. There are also food courts for nourishments in its grounds

Taking Sunrise Photographs on Cau My Rock Reef

Cau My Reef rock

Cau My Reef rock Reef is a good choice for sunrise photographs

It is a beautiful place for morning photographs. You’ll be able to take tons of beautiful photos and stunning images. The colossal symmetry between the sun and the beach make enchantment pictures that will touch anyone’s heart.

Swim In the Green Sea Water of Hong Vang Beach

Hong Van beach

Hong Vang is a beautiful beach in Coto : white sand, crystal clear water and more


The waters of ‘Than lan Island’ are very quiet, because of their wind protection. Travellers are drawn to this beach not just because of the sea but also the exceptional choice mix of nature

Spending the Night on a Bungalow on the Beach

Bungalow in Coto island

Bungalow on the beach is a good place to unwind and relax

Coto bungalows are a must to be experienced when on a vacation to Coto Island. The normal cost is around 20USD/per cottage, with the other services like exchange and BBQ dinner on the shoreline … spending the night in a bungalow is an extraordinary adventure in the summer. Try to remember that pre reservation should be made between May and August.

Bicycle Ride or Stroll along Love Road in Coto Island

Coto love road

Bicycle riding along the love road is romantic for couples

Anyone who has ever been to Coto Island would have heard of love road, which is more than 1 to 2 miles along the seashore. It would only take a moment to enjoy the experience with your partner. It is likewise the perfect place for wedding photographs.

Appreciate the calm and quiet aura at Bac Vang military port

Bac Van Military port

Seeing local boats coming from the sea at Bac Vang

It is situated around 7 miles away from Coto town and the port itself is quiet ocean water. You can see Bac Vang shoreline covering the whole island from 9 miles. It is the perfect place to take a seat, unwind and energize

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