Ba Be lake community volunteering 12 days

Prices starting from: US $564

Tailored  for those who want to experience more than a simple week  in the sun, such as school or church groups, educational establishments or groups of friends, this Ba Be lake community volunteering will give you an opportunity to contribute to traditional communities in Ba Be.

Stay amongst the people of the tribal settlements and do all your activities with the locals. You’ll get to teach English in Ba Be and give a little back to your hosts. This will result in a trip of a lifetime where you will develop new skills and have an experience that a normal package holiday can’t give you.

Daily activities are prepared in consultation with community elders in the settlements and towns in order to make sure that the community benefits as much as possible from the interaction with the visitors and tour groups.

This educational travel Ba Be lake tour will give you exposure to the difficult and grueling life of local rice farmers as they try to make a living harvesting rice. You’ll assist the farmer in his daily activities and learn about another lifestyle far from that of mass production methods used by his competitors and unchanged for centuries. This Ba Be school tour will give you access to local communities and aspects of traditional tribal culture like no other, resulting in the trip of a life time.

About Ba Be area

Nestled around the shores of stunning Ba Be Lake you will find the homes of the local Dao, Hmong and Tay tribes. The location for these settlements is beautiful, with peaceful villages and traditional style architecture, however there is little economy or infrastructure to support the population. Left largely to their own devices the population has developed ways of making a living in this isolated part of the country.

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Destinations included:
Hanoi - Ba Be - Hanoi

Ba Be lake community volunteering 12 days

Price: US $564
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  • Participate in events and chores that bring real use to the local tribes
  • Give English lessons to local children
  • Assist the local farmers with their rice fields and harvest
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of what it is to live and work in the rural areas of Vietnam
  • Give a little of your time and skills to the local community

Ba Be lake community volunteering : 12 days

Day 1: Hanoi – Ba Be Lake

Included: Lunch and Dinner

You will be collected by your guide at your hotel in Hanoi and be escorted to the Ba Be National Park. On the way you will have the opportunity to stop off at the interesting Den Duom temple, and then a second stop for your midday meal.

We continue onward and on arrival at Ba Be Lake you will take a gentle walk around the area’s charming villages on the edge of the lake, and enjoy a stop off at a stunning cave. Then finally you will meet the local Tay family who will be hosting you during your stay in Coc Toc village.

Once introduced, you can stroll around the settlement and freshen up before you eat a tasty meal with your hosts. Make sure you have your camera at the ready today for the wonderful photo opportunities the Ba Be Lake area affords you – set amongst a backdrop of limestone cliffs and lush rainforests, with the sound of local wildlife filling the air.

Day 2:  Tour briefing, overview and initial visits to local school

Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

This morning we will undertake some preparation for the rest of the trip. This involves an overview of the niceties of Vietnamese culture, some cultural tips on behaviors, and some local language so that you can greet the locals.

Once your orientation is complete you will enjoy some lunch with your host family before we head down for our initial visit to the local education facility. Central School is a traditional national school house over which flies the national flag.

There are over 200 students attending this school, all coming from the surrounding area, from preschool up to age 15. Here, you’ll get the chance to help out teaching English or perhaps entertaining the younger children in the preschool class. Once you have completed your visit you will head back home for a delicious family meal.

Day 3:  Your first day at work

Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

The children get up early in this village and head to school for 7am. This enables their parents to head to their jobs on time. In the preschool you might attend a light activity such as playtime, story corner, painting or building things.

You could participate in singing a traditional Vietnamese children’s song, or even teach an exciting and simple English rhyme or poem. Any donations you have brought with you will be most welcome – such as learning tools, paints or books. If time allows, you might have the opportunity to dip into the older children’s classes and assist them with some of their English lessons. You might find it challenging to communicate with their level of English, however the experience is definitely worth the effort!

Day 4: Assisting the caretaker

Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

This morning you will meet the school caretaker and find out what tasks are on the list for today. Any public building will have a long list of things that are in need of repair or sprucing up, and you will take part in assisting those responsible for maintaining the school. This may include painting, repairing or doing some light gardening. The staff and pupils will surely appreciate your efforts today before you head off back home for another delicious home cooked meal.

Day 5: Hiking Khau Que

Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

As every morning you rise and enjoy a hearty local breakfast. Today we are taking a challenging trek off road through the countryside, which will afford you plenty of wonderful photo opportunities. We reach the settlement of Khau Que just in time for our midday meal, which will be taken in a local’s home.

Then, once we have eaten and taken a quick look around the area, we visit the local school. The Point school only caters for thirty mostly Hmong children, and you will compare the facilities with those you saw yesterday. We will deliver some much needed learning materials to this school before you head to bed in your new accommodation hosted by a member of the Hmong tribe.

Day 6 First Point Primary

Included Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Enjoy the fresh countryside air this morning when you rise as you head to participate in the local exercise class. This is a tradition in Vietnam, started when Ho Chi Minh called the population to engage in frequent exercise. It is now common practice in all the schools. The Point Primary School is a lot smaller than Central school, so you will just slot in with the daily activities and assist with whatever the teacher requires.

Day 7 : Dao Tribe in Na Nghe

Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

This morning we rise early again and say goodbye to our hosts before hiking upward to the settlement of Na Nghe. We get there just in time for our midday meal at the Cash Dao Homestay – we will also stay here tonight. We’ll visit the Na Nghe Point Primary School today, and if you have any school supplies left you can donate these here.

Day 8 : Na Nghe Point Primary School

Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

This morning starts again with our daily exercises before you give the teacher a hand with a basic English lesson or play with the children. You will also help out around the school with any jobs that need done, before there is a little goodbye party. This evening we will sleep again in Na Nghe.

Day 9 Head back to Ba Be Lake

Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Once you have eaten breakfast this morning it is time to say goodbye to your hosts at Cash Dao Homestay and begin the journey back to Ba Be Lake. We hike along the tracks to the village of Nam Dai on the way through the rainforest, where we pass the Dau Dang Waterfall.

During our lunch break you will have the pleasure to meet Mr Pirate, who was the star in the movie “Ba Be Lake Pirate”, and take a short boat ride on the River Nang. This journey will take you through a cave full of stalactites and stalagmites (and tonnes of bats!). Finally, you will stop off at An Ma Temple before heading to our homestay where a delicious evening meal will await us.

Day 10: Briefing for project 2  

Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today you will enjoy your breakfast before your tour guide takes you through a briefing on this second part of the tour – an exposure to local farming techniques and rural life. We take today at a leisurely pace, as you are sure to be tired from your experiences.

We freshen up before dinner where you will enjoy delicious local food and the charming atmosphere provided by your host. Your tour guide will be there also, to help assist with any questions you may have about local life.

Day 11: Working like a farmer

Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

This morning you will rise early and be ready with your farming tools, including traditional Vietnamese hat, at first light. You will spend the day working in a rice paddy with a farmer, harvesting the crop as decided by the farmer.

You will cut rice and prepare it for the next stage of its journey. After a delicious farmer’s lunch of sticky rice you will perhaps assist the farmer further by drying the rice in the sun, or practice your threshing skills. By the end of the day you will know all there is to know about rice farming. You will certainly have earned your delicious dinner this evening!

Day 12:  Ba Be and return to Hanoi

Included: Breakfast, Lunch

We head off this morning through the lush forests and mountain scenery. We have the opportunity to stop off at the beautiful Hua Ma Cave and take in the views and atmosphere. Then, it is onward back to Hanoi, we stop off for lunch on the way home. You will arrive in the early evening back at your hotel. End of services!

Other information

This tour is created in order to give tourists an insight into the lives of some of the less privileged in Vietnam. Through coming into contact with local children and farmers you will learn about aspects of the culture that many do not see, and give a little back to society.


The summer months are generally very humid and warm. We recommend travelling from October to June when the temperature is generally more bearable.


Air conditioned car or bus depending on tour size

Boat excursion

Tour Leaders

Our Tour Leaders are experienced guides and all speak great English

Guides are well versed in local culture / customs and the activities planned


Delicious local food served in local houses or restaurants. Please let us know any specific dietary needs you may have.


Homestay accommodation is provided each evening

Ba Be Lake community volunteering

Trekking in Ba Be lake in the path way

Fairy pond Ba Be

Fairy pond in the Ba Be lake area

Ba Be lake school tour

Ba Be lake school trip

Note : Please contact us at least 1 month in advance in order to have a good preparation for this Ba Be lake community volunteering 12 days 

Rate : $564 per person, applied for a group of 10 persons above, only $51 USD per day which is really afforable

 Included in the Price

  • All transfers
  • All accommodation in homestays
  • Tour guide (English speaking)
  • Boat trip
  • All meals as detailed in the itinerary
  • Entrance tickets to any included attractions
  • Access to 24hr support line

Not included

  • Any personal purchases such as souvenirs
  • Drinks and tips
  • Personal insurance
  • Any other services not mentioned otherwise

What to bring

Make sure you have lightweight clothing and comfy shoes for hiking and working outdoors.

A small bag would also be useful to take with you when taking part in the walking activities.

You’ll also need your passport and the following recommended healthcare items: mosquito spray, sun cream, raincoats and sun hats.


We pride ourselves in creating personalised travel experiences that suit all your preferences and needs.

With this tour you can:

  • Choose your own departure date
  • Select the comfort level of accommodation
  • Adjust activities to cater to special interests
  • Modify any aspect of the tour as needed