Tu Lan Cave Explorer 2 days tour

Prices starting from: US $248

Our Tu Lan cave 2 days tour will give you an insight into the gorgeous Tu Lan region by exploring the very best cave of Phong Nha national park . It’s a mountain lover’s paradise, with grottos to explore, limestone mountains to climb and forests to trek through. One for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern day Vietnam and experience the wild side, accompanied by an experienced guide. The Tu Lan Cave Explorer is the best solution for those with little time to spare who want to feel they saw more of the country than the big city.


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Destinations included:
Phong Nha - Tan Hoa - Tu Lan and back

Tu Lan Cave Explorer 2 days tour

Price: US $248
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Highlights of Tu Lan cave 2 days explorer

  • Explore the wonders of the Ken, Kim, Tu Lan and Hung Ton Caves
  • Hike a varied terrain over 12 kilometres
  • Swim in the great outdoors
  • See the beauty of the lovely Tu Lan camping ground and its’ gorgeous waterfall
  • Eat tasty barbeques around the campfire and fall asleep under the star with the rush of the nearby waterfall lulling you to sleep.
  • A round trip for those who love adventure.

Adventure travel is awaiting for this Tu Lan cave 2 days

Day 1: From Phong Nha to  Tu Lan

Meet your guide this early morning at your accommodation in Phong Nha at a pre-arranged time. Your transport will be waiting to take you to the settlement of Tan Hoa, about 45 miles drive from Phong Nha. You will receive some safety information and be issued with the appropriate caving gear, as well as insurance forms and paperwork which you will need to complete. Then the fun begins as we prepare for our first hike.

We take the first part of our trekking journey slowly as we make our way across different farmland – peanut and corn fields mainly – and pass water buffalo on the way to the river of Rao Nan where we pick up the pace and begin the climb upwards. We will stop at the top in a little clearing where you can take a rest, then we descend over one hundred meters to the valley of Hung Ton.

You are sure to be hungry after this activity, so we stop at the mouth of the Hung Ton Cave for a bite to eat and a well-deserved break. Eat up, because the most strenuous part of the journey lies before you – the journey onward to Mango Mountain, and then a descent to the Tu Lan Valley below.

As the evening approaches you will be already at the camping spot at Tu Lan. Take a well-deserved rest or wash off the rigors of the day in the refreshing waterfall. You will also have time to take a look at Ken Cave, swimming into it if you wish, before a wonderful outdoor barbeque is served up as the evening meal. A wonderful nights camping awaits you as you settle in to your hammocks or traditional tents linked to the trees!

Day 2 : Tu Lan – Tan Hoa – Phong Nha
We begin our day with lovely breakfast and chance for more exploring the cave

Begin with short swimming passing the river, we encounter into the heart of Tu Lan Cave System, you will take a short rest to enjoy amazing view of  the blue lagoon entrance before making your way 180 m downstream through Tu Lan Cave entrance. Climbing and squeezing up to explore dry part at which point you will reach the dry exit and take a short trek through valley into Kim Cave dry entrance. Relax for a moment to see a natural window in Kim Cave, and you’ll then start swimming  (450 m) and trek (500 m) through Hang Kim to To Mo Valley.

Enjoy a picnic lunch next to a stunning waterfall by Hung Ton Cave mouth. Then, you will try to follow a dry path before taking a swim out through Hung Ton wet cave .

Following this is the exploration of a dry passage, and then a trek down into Hung Ton Valley (800 m).

Arrival in Tan Hoa. Get a cold drink and enjoy stunning beauty of its surroundings area

You can take shower if needed and then departure back to Phong Nha is at around 4 pm, with arrival in Phong Nha by 5:30 pm.

Activities of Tu Lan cave explorer 2 days trip

  • Hiking and trekking through forest and mountainous terrain (about 12 kilometers)
  • Rise into the mountains and down to the valleys as you explore different elevations
  • Swim in enchanting grottoes and explore kilometers of underground caves (200 to 500 meters each cave)

Exertion level: Moderate

This tour necessitates a good overall level of fitness with some challenging terrain and swimming required during the trip.

What to pack for explore Tu Lan cave in 2 days

  • Hiking boots, trousers and shirt
  • Hiking socks
  • Swimsuit, camera for photographs and water bottles
  • Clothes to wear each evening including some comfortable shoes

Small print

  • This tour is available Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and is unavailable September – November
  • Only those over 16 may take part in this tour
  • Please read the small print for cancellation information
  • Those participating must read the terms and conditions, including cancellation policy ,and be in Phong Nha the night before the tour begins.
Tu Lan cave 2 days

Magnificent view in the Tu Lan cave area


Rate : $248 per person

Included in tour:

  • All meals, gear for campsite, water
  • Entry tickets to attractions, transfers and guides /assistants
  • Equipment for accessing the caves and assorted safety wear

We pride ourselves in creating personalised travel experiences that suit all your preferences and needs.

With this tour you can:

  • Choose your own departure date
  • Select the comfort level of accommodation
  • Adjust activities to cater to special interests
  • Modify any aspect of the tour as needed