Vietnam visa for Israeli – Latest update

Vietnam Visa for Israeli

Shalom! Ani Noam from Hynam Travel, who wrote this down-to-earth article to provide you with the latest and the most authentic information about Vietnam visa for Israeli that you won’t get in from the internet. 

Evisa for Israeli citizens

Israeli citizens aren’t eligible to get an evisa as Israel isn’t on the list of 80 countries that are eligible for evisa. 

How to apply for a visa with a travel agent by booking a Vietnam package tour

  • A copy of a scan of your passport
  • A passport which valid in 6 months
  • Reservation of the round-trip flight booking (It has to be booked)

It usually takes only 7 working days to get an approval letter. When you receive the letter, please proceed to book the flight. When you arrive at the airport in Vietnam, please so the letter and get a visa on arrival, don’t forget that you need to pay $25 per person for the stamp fee at the airport. 

Good news: you don’t have to stay in a long queue to proceed visa procedure at the airport than it was before the pandemic  

How to book this visa service

Contact Hynam Travel via Whatsapp at +84974313104 for further information, only $45 per person

Apply for a tourist visa with Vietnam embassy in Israel

You are unable to apply for a tourist visa via the Vietnam embassy at this moment. It is up to you, you can give it a try but I know the result. 

When there is a new policy in terms of tourist visas, I’ll update this website. For sure, things will be improved and back to normal before the pandemic 

Frequently asked questions for a Vietnam visa for Israeli residents

Does an Isareli citizen get visa to travel Vietnam?

Yes, Isareli needs to apply for a tourist visa to Vietnam. 

How can Israeli passport holders get a tourist visa to Vietnam?

Book the visa services for Israeli with us

Please contact us via Whatsapp at +84974313104 for further information

Hynam Travel offers Vietnam tours for Israeli 

Option 3 : Wait until our government changes the visa policy for Israeli 

Frequently asked questions for Vietnam visa for Isareli 

Why does Israeli not on the list of 80 countries which are eligible to get evisa?

It’s a really hard question. I wish I knew the answer. Vietnam starts to open steps by steps like other countries. But things is getting better and better in terms of visa policy. Let’s hope for the best.

What if I want to stay longer than 30 days?

Take the option 2 and do the visa run by getting through the border to Cambodia

Can independent Israeli traveler go to Vietnam?

Unfortunately, No. 

What are other options for a Vietnam visa for Israeli residents?

If you hold 2 passports, one of them is a different nationality, not Israeli, you could book  use the second passport which is on the list of 80 countries which are eligible to get an evisa 

Please see the link below for more details

Can I contact the Vietnam embassy in Israel to ask for a visa?

yes, you can. Please see the below contact 

Address:4th floor, Beit Asia, 4 Weizman, Tel Aviv, Israel
Phone:(+972) 36 966 304 / 36 966 311
Fax:(+972) 36 966 243
Office hours:Monday-Friday 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

What are the extra costs apart from the visa letter?

You need to pay $25 per person for a stamp fee at a Vietnam airport 

How long can you get the visa letter from the agent whom you arrange the visa service with?

Usually 12 to 14 days, it’s hard to tell the exact date as it depends on the officials. 

What kind of documents do we need to prepare in order to apply for the visa letter?

Photos of your passport

Certificate of vaccination (at least two doses)

Reservation for both departure and arrival flight

If you need any further information or Vietnam visa for Israeli , please feel free to contact Noam via Whatsapp at +84974313104

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