Why Responsible Travel with Hynam

Travelling Responsibly – It’s our thing

Vietnam sustainable tourism with Hynam

At Hynam we are committed to  sustainable tourism, with a real dedication to the protection of the ecology of Vietnam and its population.

With a few carefully implemented policies, Hynam Travel ensures that we can offer our guests terrific experiences without damaging the local environment. Safe in the knowledge that you will not only enjoy your trip but also support the local economy, you are sure to get maximum enjoyment from your trip.

Our policies and guidance will ensure that present and future visitors to our part of the world will continue to be able to benefit from all Vietnam has to offer.

Your Role as a Responsible Traveler

  • You may feel like a small part of the chain as you stand in busy Hanoi, but your actions do have impact
  • A small change in habits is all it takes to do your bit to support our ecosystems, environment and community.
  • If every visitor to Vietnam follows these simple guidelines the effect will be noticed on a large scale.

Preparing for your trip

It’s not hard to enjoy a trip to Vietnam, and armed with our simple alphabet tips below you will be content in the knowledge that you are making a real contribution and minimizing your impact.

  • Accept that your actions may have an impact on the local environment and people living there
  • Be aware at all times of your presence and do your best to make minimum negative impact
  • Choose your accommodation and itineraries wisely, and promote holiday companies who champion environmentally friendly policies
  • Do not exhibit behavior that may offend local people and customs
  • Explain to your fellow travelers that you are promoting sustainable tourism
  • Find out about your destination before had, and learn about the environment of the area before you go
  • Guide your fellow travelers in sustainable tourism

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