Vietnam package tours for Israeli 2023 – Advices from local expert

Hynam Travel offers the best Vietnam package tours for Israelis. We offer a variety of package tours with all customer’s interests: nature, local living, culture, food, and history… If you’re Kosher, we can also offer you a suitable Vietnam travel itinerary that suits you the best 

Who we are

The founder of Hynam Travel is Noam, a familiar Jewish name that was given by an Israeli girl who was my client years ago. I have been working with Israeli tourists since 2012, guiding thousands of visitors from Israel so I have vast experience in this market. 

Unlike other travel sales staff who are just staying in the office and selling the tours to you without practical experience. In 2017, I spent 2 months traveling around Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand and traveled to different regions of my home country, Vietnam tons of time. My experience is down-to-earth and my travel advice is from the bottom of my heart because I do UNDERSTAND your needs. 

Lots of clients have become good friends of mine. One of them has sent some cosmetic stuff for my wife as a gift. I truly appreciated the chance to work with Israeli which made me gain a vast of real-life experiences and knowledge which makes me where I am today. 

Contact me (Noam) via Whatsapp at +84 974313104 for further details and free but QUALITY travel consultant. 

Why Vietnam Package Tours with Noam from Hynam Travel

  • 10+ years working with Israeli
  • Real travel advice from the bottom of my heart
  • Affordable costs but a good value for money
  • Flexible itineraries but ready to change if possible
  • Fully customized tours
  • A unique travel experience that we create our own 
  • Fast response within 6 to 12 hours
  • Direct message on Whatsapp
  • Experienced local guide who has been working with Israeli for years
  • Take care of you from the start to the finish

Frequently asked questions for a Vietnam package tour for Israeli 

Should we use a local sim card?

We recommend using a local sim card with 4G internet connection and a small amount of credit for making phone call just in case of emergency. Vinaphone and Mobifone should be on the top list if you are traveling in major cities, deltas and tourist hotspots.

Should we take a seat on a coach tour or a private tour?

It depends on your budget. From my personal perspective, with years of experience, I recommend taking a private tour for your flexibility, travel at your own pace, could take a rest, stop for photos, and spend more time at these tourist attractions as you want. 

Israeli tourists want to change their itinerary quite often so one of the key things to making a successful tour is flexibility, which is possible to do on a private tour only. 

That’s why Hynam Travel only offers private tours for Israeli

How long will it be for a Vietnam highlight tour?
2 weeks trip which covers lots of the tourist hotspots: Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Halong Bay, Sapa, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh, and Mekong Delta. 

Do you offer vegetarian food on tours?

We cater to all food options from vegan, and vegetarian to food allergy options. You can choose to eat in a restaurant for tourists or a local eatery.

 Do Israeli need a Covid test and be fully vaccinated to travel to Vietnam?

Absolutely, no

Is it safe to drink water from the tap?

No, it isn’t. You’d better drink bottled water to avoid stomach upset

Can we get a good money exchange rate at the airport?

 My advice is to exchange a couple of hundred dollars at the airport for your convenience. Then you can do some money exchange in the city center. The rate, of course, is a bit lower than exchanging in the city. If you are going to exchange of a couple of thousand dollars then think about the city. For a small amount of money, let’s do it at the airport.

Which airlines should I take for the international flight to Vietnam?

Before the pandemic, Aeroflot and Turkish Airlines are two common ones for Israelis. After the pandemic, Thai Airways and Emirates are top choice airlines. Believe me, you will see the changes day by day. 

Flight from Tel Aviv to Hanoi 

The cheapest option is to take Cathay Pacific with a stopover in Hong Kong: $600 per person

Ben Gurion to Hong Kong 

Hong Kong to Hanoi 

Duration: Almost 1 day with 11-hour layover in Hong Kong, arrive in Hanoi around 6.45pm

Emirate Airlines: the best choice for now, which costs around $823 one way and only over 11 hours to get to Hanoi. 

Thai Airways which is about the same rate with Emirates, if I were you, I will go for Emirates which takes less time. 

Flight from Tel Aviv to Ho Chi Minh 

Emirate Airlines is the best choice from Ben Gurion airport to Tan Son Nhat airport via Dubai: 5 hours layover in DuBai. 

Which local reliable airlines?

I do recommend Vietnam Airlines which you have 23 kilograms of the checked baggage included. Apart from it, Bamboo Airline and Viettravel Airline are good choices too. 

Book the First class ticket with Bamboo Airline in order to change the date, time, and route of the flight for free 

Flexi Eco ticket with Vietnam Airlines in order to change the date and time for free not the route.

Is that worth a visit for the Northern region Vietnam tour?

Yes, it is worth it if you are adventure travelers who love nature, trekking, homestay, and authentic local experience. Please note that forget about your comfortable accommodation and the fancy food that you may eat in the restaurant in Hanoi. You will be provided with something basic. For example, basic accommodation with a clean bed, wifi and hot shower for the homestay options, you can also choose to stay in a better hotel, lodge or bungalow at a higher rate. The food is pretty much the same every day with a basic meal including steamed rice, vegetables, pork, beef, chicken, and fish. There is also local food available. 

Is Hanoi safe to walk around at night?

Definitely, yes. You can walk around at night but not too late, before midnight. 

How much money should we spend per day apart from the tours?

Apart from the tour rate, there are expenses such as tips for the tour guide and driver, meals not included (usually dinner), laundry, water, Simcard etc… My advice is around $15 to 20 per person per day, it can be less. 

Do you offer kid-friendly tours?

Yes, we do. We have served lots of family group who traveled during the school vacation in Israel and we know exactly what you need to have a fun tour for your kids: fishing, amusement parks, trekking, cycling, buffalo riding and more. 

How’s about the visa to Vietnam?

At this moment, Israeli citizens can only travel to Vietnam with sponsorship from a Vietnam company. If not, you need to use visa sponsorship services which cost you from $1200 to $1500 per person and take from 2 to 4 weeks to process. Or book a 30-day travel package and get a tourist visa which valid 30 days, $500 for the visa.  

What are the solutions if you don’t want to pay anything for the visa fee? If you hold another passport apart from Israel, please use the other passport with different nationalities and check the list of 80 countries that are eligible for evisa here

Read moreVietnam visa for Israeli citizens,

How much does it cost for a Vietnam package tour for Israeli? 

It’s hard to tell because it depends on the hotel you choose, the activities you choose, and which services are included? If I have to give some suggestions

For 3 stars accommodation package from 110 to $125 per day for a private tour including the activities and accommodation 

For 4 stars accommodation package from 140 to $170 per day for a private tour including the activities and accommodation 

For 5 stars accommodation package from200 to $220 per day for a private tour including the activities and accommodation 

What kind of transportation that we use?

For a group from 1 to 2 people, we use a private 7 seaters car

For a group from 3 to 8 people, we use a private 16 seaters minivan

For a group from 9 to 15 people, we use a private 29 seaters shuttle bus

For a group from 16 to 20 people, we use a 35 seaters shuttle bus

From a group from  21 to 30 people, we use a 45 seaters shuttle bus

All of our options to make sure that our clients have enough room to stretch their legs and enjoy a comfortable seat during the tour

When is the high season for Israeli travelers to Vietnam?

From my personal perspective, September, October, and March, April for couples and small groups. July and August for family groups as it is school vacation in Israel. 

Should we be aware of malaria in Vietnam?

Most regions of Vietnam has no risk of malaria. Major cities like Hanoi, Halong Bay, Ninh Binh, Sapa, Hue, Danang, Hoian, Mekong Delta and Ho Chi Minh city are currently no risk for malaria. But there is a low risk of malaria in Central highlands of Vietnam such as Kon Tum, Buon Me Thuoc, Dak Lak. 

Where should we start the tour?

 It is really up to you. But you should start in Hanoi and finish in Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon) or other ways around. If you would like to combine your Vietnam trip with Cambodia, I definitely recommend starting your tour in Hanoi and finishing in Ho Chi Minh city. Cross the border from Chau Doc by speed boat to Phnompenh or take a flight from Ho Chi Minh city 

Do Hynam Travel accommodate Kosher travelers for a Vietnam Tour?

Yes, we do. With years of working with Israelis, we do understand that there are lots of Koshers travelers to Vietnam, so we offer tours with lunch and dinner options at local restaurants where vegan and vegetarian food are available.

You can also find Kosher food in Vietnam in Hanoi, Hoian, Ho Chi Minh city where Chabad houses are located. We also arrange hotels near the Chabad house so you can easily get there on foot. 

I know that as a Kosher traveler, you can’t use a motor vehicle and electric appliances from Friday night up to 7 pm on Saturday, that’s why the hotel location is really important during the Shabbat day of rest

Where can I find a Chabad house in Vietnam?
 Chabad houses are available in three locations : Hanoi, Hoian and Ho Chi Minh city 

Chabad house in Hanoi

House 4, Alley 11, To Ngoc Van street, Tay Ho Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam

 Phone no : 84-83-872-8225

Chabad house in Hoian

570a Cua Dai street, Hoian, Vietnam

Phone no : 84-90-135-6770

Chabad house in Ho Chi Minh city

5A (villa) Nguyen Dinh Chieu st.
Dakao ward, District 1,
Ho-chi-minh City, Vietnam

Phone no : (+84)02839100181

(Best is to enter from alley number 12 on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai – and go about 200 meter into the alley)

There is only one synagogue in the Chabad house, open everyday from 9am to 9pm.  

What are the amusement parks and safaris in Vietnam for kids?

  • Sunworld Halong complex (Halong)
  • Westlake New Solar Amusement park (Hanoi)
  • Bana hill (Danang)
  • Hoian River Safari (Hoian)
  • Vinpearland Nha Trang
  • Dam Sen water park ( Ho Chi Minh city)
  • Suoi Tien park (Ho Chi Minh)
  • Phu Quoc Vinpearl Safari

Things to do for Israeli families with kids in Vietnam?

  • Hanoi fishing day trip 
  • Kakaying in Lan Ha Bay/Halong Bay
  • Farm tour and cooking class in Hoian
  • Lantern-making class in Hoian
  • Boat ride along the Perfume river
  • Take a cable car ride in Phu Quoc
  • Hang out and have fun in Bana hill
  • Going on a walking food tour in Hanoi

Don’t have time to do a family trip on your own, contact Hynam via Whatsapp at +84974313104 for a customized Vietnam family tours for Isareli 

Who does the travel consultant for the Vietnam Tours for Israeli?

Have you ever thought about who does the travel consultant for your Vietnam trip? Let me tell you the truth. Lots of the salesman at tour companies who have never been on a tour before, just take the information, and itinerary from the internet and send it to you. Can you believe them? Yes, lots of you still believe them because you think that you know better than you as they are locals.

Have you ever asked them if they have guided Israeli tourists before? 

At Hynam Travel, Noam – the man behind the behind has been working as an English-speaking guide for Israeli for over ten plus years with tons of practical experience with Israeli. He has been on a ton of tours across the country from the North to the South in order to provide you with all the updated and correct information that you couldn’t get from another salesman. That makes us different from other tour companies out there. So you know who you should trust

Suggested Vietnam itinerary for Israeli

Please read this article below for everything you need to plan a trip in Vietnam in terms of itinerary, hotels, costs and so on

Read more : Best Vietnam Itinerary for Israeli

Suggested hotels for Israeli travellers from the North to the South from 3 stars to 5 stars

Hotels in Hanoi

3 stars : Babylon Premium hotel, Noble boutique hotel, Lasieta Premium Hang Be, Aria Boutique Hanoi Hotel,Mk hotel Ma May, Orgarelly Premier hotel 

4 stars : The light hotel, Dan Vostro hotel, Hanoi Pearl, Tirant hotel, Lasifonia, Lasiesta 94 Ma May, Solei Boutique hotel, Shinning Center hotel and Spa, Oriential Jade hotel

5 stars : Silk path hotel, West Lake Hotel, Peridot Grand Luxury Boutique hotel, Sofitel Metropole Legend, Pan Pacific 

Hotels, resorts in Ninh Binh

3 stars hotel : Nam Hoa hotel, Tam Coc Condeluz hotel, An Eco Garden, Mua Eco Lodge, Trang An Retreat

4 stars hotel and resorts : Tam Coc Lamontage Resort and Spa, Ninh Binh hidden charm, Ninh Binh Legend hotel, Tam Coc garden resort

5 stars hotel and resorts : Emeralda resort ninh binh

Cruises in Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay

3 stars : Oriential Sail, Cozy boutique cruise

4 stars cruise : Sena cruise, Maya cruise, 

5 stars cruise : Genesis Regal, Athena Luxury, Signature cruise, Huong Hai sealife, Lacasta Regal, Stellar of The sea, Moncheri cruise, Orchird cruise, Heritage cruise, Emperor cruise, Scarlet Pearl, Indochine cruise.

Hotels in Sapa 

3 stars hotel : Bamboo Sapa, Sapa Relax hotel, Sapa Luxury hotel, 

4 stars : Freesia, Amazing hotel, Pitaschio hotel 

5 stars hotel : Topas Eco Lodge, Victoria, Paos, Hotel De La Coupole MGallery hotel

What Hynam Travel offer for Israeli 

Northern Vietnam Tour package

Central Vietnam Tour package

Southern Vietnam tour package

Halong Bay cruise and Lan Ha Bay cruise

Vietnam package tours 

Vietnam Tours for Israeli 

Vietnam and Cambodia – Cross Border

Vietnam and Laos – Cross Border

Secret and customized tours in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia that you couldn’t find on the internet

Vietnam Tours for Israeli by style

Vietnam honeymoon tours for Israeli couples

Vietnam Adventure tours for Israeli

Vietnam beach vacation for Israeli

Vietnam family tours for Israeli 

Vietnam off the beaten path tours for Israeli

Classic tour in Vietnam for Israeli

How to contact Hynam Travel for a further consultant for a Vietnam package tour 

Via Whatsapp at +84 974313104 or email at

We offer free but QUALITY travel consultants. 

After reading this long-form article, you could feel how reliable we are by taking tons of time to write this qualitied article which provides you with practical and update information about traveling Vietnam as well as how well we understand the Israeli market

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